Palaye Royale at House of Blues Boston, September 22, 2022

Las Vegas rock band Palaye Royale returned to the House of Blues as part of their Fever Dream headlining tour, in the company of StarBenders and carolesdaughter. The show would have an unusual early start, with glam rock band StarBenders taking the stage only a few minutes after doors opened to the public. 


The evening was fast paced, with carolesdaughter starting her set following soon after StarBenders. Slowly emerging from the shadows, the singer kicked off with “My Mother Wants Me Dead”. To break the ice, she asked the audience to be as quiet as possible and crack their knuckles in unison, as fans were equally amused and grossed out. It was a lighthearted moment for the heavier topics carolesdaughter would sing about, like addiction and heartbreak. She wrapped up her short set with her hit “Violent”.

The anticipation reached its highest point as fans were excited to see Palaye Royale. They had previously opened for Yungblud earlier in the year, and were now back at the same venue on their own tour in less than a year. The band erupted onto the stage with high energy, kicking off with “Nightmares”. Singer Remington Leigh’s antics started early on, jumping onto the barricade and singing along with the crowd.

The band, lead by brothers Remington, Emerson and Sebastian, continued on with a string of hits, and their performance is as electric as ever. They run around the stage, jump off of platforms and hang off of railings, feeding off the energy coming from the crowd as well. They’d also mention how excited they had been to return to Boston, and their diehard fans felt the same way. The night was full of energy, reaching it’s highest point with fan favorites “Get Higher” and “Mr. Doctor Man.” Palaye Royale returned on stage for the anthemic “Lonely”, the perfect closure to an evening spearheaded by misfits; the crowd was filled with diversity and creative self expression, and this is what rock and roll should be all about. The band brings a breath of fresh air in a sea of otherwise tame modern rock, shaking its foundations to the core. Make sure to catch Palaye Royale’s North American tour, as well as the upcoming album, Fever Dream.

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