Jungle at The Eastern in Atlanta, GA – September 6, 2022

Jungle delivered a high energy, soulful show at the Eastern in Atlanta. The British band is touring in support of their 2021 release Loving in Stereo, seemingly a sequel to their 2018 release For Ever. Both these albums are filled with high energy electronic dance tracks, which makes them perfect for a show. Jungle has also been known for their on-stage visuals and bright lights synced up to the pulsing drums.     

Jungle has been described more as a music collective than a band, because they constantly experiment with genre and sound, and collaborate with artists across all disciplines. Recently they have been described as a modern twist on the disco/ funk movement of the 70s, with the electronic group bringing the perfect amount of nostalgia, while also bringing something new. Jungle seems to always bring the perfect balance of being emotional and playful throughout all the songs in their setlist. 

After a long night of dancing to the electronic dance funk and experiencing the beautiful visuals delivered, it was eventually time to end the show. The show began to get slower and slower but then the set ended with their hit song “Busy Earnin” bringing back the high energy for a grand finale. The audience went wild one last time, this song’s horns and loud synths blurred through the venue one last time. Jungle continues to push the boundaries of the music industry visually and musically everyday.

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