Silversun Pickups in Boston, November 2, 2022

Los Angeles alt rockers Silversun Pickups stopped by the House of Blues on Wednesday night, as part of the Physical Thrills Tour, joined by supporting act Eliza and the Delusionals. Fans gathered at the Fenway venue, excited for the band’s return to Massachusetts after two years.

Eliza and the Delusionals

The evening started off with Australian indie rock band Eliza and the Delusionals, and the small crowd arriving early was in for a treat. The band bring a 90’s alternative vibe, but with a modern sound, playing catchy tracks like “Swimming Pool” and “Give You Everything.” They would also interact with the crowd often, who joined in and waved their hands a few times. The band would also share anecdotes about coming to the U.S for the first time, and people thinking they were from Florida instead. The band’s charm captured the audience and set the stage for the rest of the night.

Silversun Pickups

In a red haze, it was time for Silversun Pickups to slowly take the stage, kicking off with “Stillness (Way Beyond).” The track is included in their latest album, Physical Thrills, which was the main focus of the set. The band introduced plenty of new tracks, to a warm reception from fans. Singer Brian Aubert was grateful for the opportunity to finally share the material they had been working on during the pandemic. From the vibrant “Sticks and Stones,” to the haunting “Alone On A Hill,” the new tracks stood out on their own.

The band’s stage presence was sometimes quiet, but very powerful, combined with a stunning lighting setup that would bring them out from the shadows with bursts of bright lights that matched the rhythm of the music. Fans were also excited to hear some older tracks like “Kissing Families” and “Well Thought Out Twinkles,” welcoming them with loud cheering. Aubert would also prompt the crowd to participate by snapping their fingers, creating an interesting sound. The band boldly introduced new songs as they returned for the encore, and the indie classic “Lazy Eye” would bring the show to a close. Make sure to catch Silversun Pickups as they bring the Physical Thrills Tour across the U.S.

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