Steve Vai at The Wilbur in Boston, November 3, 2022

Guitar legend Steve Vai brought the Inviolate Tour to Boston on Thursday night, with an intimate night at the Wilbur Theater. Fans were excited to finally see the musician after the tour was previously rescheduled, and Vai made it well worth the wait.

Vai kicked off with “Avalancha,” off his latest album Inviolate. The vertiginous track captured the audience right away with the guitarist’s signature twists and turns, as he moved swiftly through the first few minutes of the set. Vai took a minute to greet the crowd and introduce the sultry “Tender Surrender”, a fan favorite to slow things down. The supporting band would also take center stage, starting off with a jaw dropping solo by bassist Philip Bynoe, as well as impressive guitar and drum solos by Dave Weiner and Jeremy Colson later in the show.

There was time for anecdotes as well: Vai talked about his time as a Berklee student, how he went on a bike ride through the city, and even tried to sneak into the school incognito. The charismatic guitarist connected well with the crowd, both through the stories and the music; when introducing “Greenish Blues,” he talked about his particular way of playing the blues, and how green is his favorite color, thus finding a name for the song. Another highlight of the show was the intro to “Bad Horsie,” with a clip from the 1986 movie Crossroads, where Vai makes an appearance. The climax of the show would come in the form of the stunning three-necked Ibanez Hydra for “Teeth Of The Hydra,” as well as a powerful performance of “For The Love of God” with Danny G adding some operatic vocals.

Vai would perform his magic one final time as the band returned for an encore with “Fire Garden Suite I – Bull Whip”, closing an unforgettable show that highlighted the legendary guitarist’s mind blowing playing, passionate performance and overall mesmerizing vibe that left concert goers hypnotized as they walked out into the cold evening. Make sure to experience the Inviolate Tour for yourself.

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