AFI at Royale Boston, November 11, 2022

California rock band AFI stopped by a sold out Royale in Boston, as part of the rescheduled 2022 Bodies Tour. Joining them on the road is supporting act Drab Majesty. Fans gathered early on outside the theater, despite the rainy weather and high traffic surrounding the venue.

Drab Majesty

Indie electronic duo Drab Majesty kicked off the set, and fans were intrigued as they took the stage. They would focus mostly on their 2017 album The Demonstration, with an atmospheric sound that was reminiscent of 80’s goth and new wave. The energy was chill, and the main characters stayed mostly in the shadows and in a form of disguise, adding to the intriguing performance.


The vibe in the room was electric, as fans waited for AFI to take the stage. Back on the road for the first time since 2019, the band was forced to reschedule the tour in the spring, with many shows already sold out, as was the case for the Boston date. The band erupted onto the stage, as energetic lead singer Davey Havok jumped onto one of the platforms. They kicked off with a bang, the 2003 hit “Girl’s Not Grey”. The crowd went wild and would barely have a chance to catch their breath, as the band furiously plowed through track after track.

Havok is the ultimate frontman, constantly interacting with the crowd and staying close to the barricade, as did the rest of the band. The room was filled with hardcore fans, who were excited to hear some older tracks, like “Malleus Maleficarum” and “Morningstar”. They also featured a few of their newer tracks from 2021’s Bodies, bringing in an evolved and more sophisticated sound that fit right in with the classics. The setlist changes every single night, keeping everyone on their toes as to what would come next. Boston was lucky to experience two of their most massive hits back to back, “Silver and Cold” and “Miss Murder”. “The Days of the Phoenix”would bring the show to a close, as the exhilarated crowd walked out back into the rain. Make sure to catch the Bodies Tour as it heads to the west coast.

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