Lauren Monroe with Rick Allen in Boston, November 13 2022

Singer and author Lauren Monroe stopped by City Winery in Boston, alongside legendary drummer and partner Rick Allen, for a sold out evening of music and healing. Fans slowly gathered in the intimate Haymarket Lounge, arriving early for dinner and wine before the show.

Walking in through the crowd, the band took their spots on the stage as Lauren and Rick introduced the show. The pair dedicated the show to struggling veterans, and started an important conversation around mental health, which would be a theme they would touch on throughout the show. Lauren asked the crowd to set an intention for the first few songs, setting a healing tone for the rest of the evening. Featuring several tracks of her latest release, Messages From Aphrodite, Monroe focused on the stories behind the songs; her goal is to highlight the experiences of veterans and first responders.

Monroe took the time thank her band and the audience for the support, as she talked about the purpose of the tour. She even shared the origins of the lavender bunches available at the merch table, which come from her and Allen’s garden and are sold to support suicide prevention causes. Her dedication to mental health advocacy shines through in her performance, with comforting tracks like “If You Want” and “Dream Again”. Jumping from guitar to percussions and with soothing vocal, Lauren kept the crowd engaged and serene, knowing they were a part of something very special.

Make sure to follow the Raven Drum Foundation for more resources for veterans and first responders.

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