Theory of a Deadman in Boston – February 25, 2023

When the Rock Resurrection Tour came to Boston, the night ended strong, with a strong set from Theory of a Deadman.

The band prepares to release their eighth studio album, Dinosaur, on March 17, and in the days before the show, released their second single from the album, “Ambulance.” Both “Ambulance” and the title track were well received by the audience, both being upbeat, rocking songs. After stylizing their name simply as “Theory” on their last two albums, and having a bit more of a pop influence in their sound, Dinosaur sees the return of “Theory of a Deadman” on the album cover, and with what we’ve heard to far, the band certainly seems to be embracing their hard rock roots.

After an intro tape of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” which frontman Tyler Connolly insists they didn’t bring out just for the Boston crowd, the band played a little bit from all eras of their career, stretching back to “Santa Monica” off of 2005’s Gasoline, the album that originally introduced me to the band. A cover of Chris Issac’s “Wicked Games” is always a treat in their set, as well as fan favorites like “Angel” and “Bitch Came Back.”

As their set came to a close, if you were worried the audience was getting tired after three great bands performing, you’d be wrong, as they really popped for hits like “Lowlife” and the show closer, “Bad Girlfriend.” Theory of a Deadman always puts on a great show, and I look forward to seeing what else comes out of the Dinosaur album cycle!

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