John Mayer Performs Solo at a Sold Out TD Garden in Boston – March 13, 2023

John Mayer graced the TD Garden in Boston with his presence for an intimate solo performance. The chilly Monday night did not stop a single New England fan from making the trek to the sold out concert with JP Saxe as the opening act.

JP Saxe

Canadian singer and musician, JP Saxe started the night off in Boston. He began his set on the piano before moving to an acoustic guitar. Saxe connected with the audience by letting them know the meaning behind some of his deep lyrics. He even revealed that one of his tracks was written about an ex-girlfriend who would be getting married that weekend. You could see the audience captivated by his words and appreciative of his candor.

John Mayer

The sold out crowd enthusiastically welcomed John Mayer to the stage. He typically tours with a backing band, but he was solo for this particular tour. Another interesting aspect about this tour is that the setlist changed nightly. Often times fans will glance online to find the setlist from the previous show to get an idea of what to expect. Not only does Mayer change the setlist nightly, but he even changed it on the fly a few times throughout the evening.

Mayer poured his soul to the crowd, revealing insecurities he’s had over the years. Many of these insecurities he claims are still with him. Before he played his new unreleased song, he said there is usually a voice in his head saying, “they’re going to leave, this is not the one they want, the chain of songs you’re playing… this is not the one they came for.” But he let everyone know that he is finally getting over that way of thinking, and it’s because of the fans continuing to show up and support him. He played his new song, “Driftin'”, which he said he changed slightly by adding a guitar pick, calling it “version 2” of the song. The crowd showed their love by shining their cell phone lights during the song. Mayer was extremely grateful and emotional at the conclusion of the song – it was clear just how much the support meant to him.

As the night went on, John Mayer switched from playing acoustic guitar, to adding his harmonica, to playing the piano, and he continued to share his inner thoughts and feelings he’s had over the years. He talked about when he was in his 20’s, how he felt a lot of anxiety, and thought he was the only person feeling that way. Now he realizes that so many people deal with similar feelings, something he wished he knew when he was younger. The sentiment was an all too perfect segue for a brief rendition of Rod Stewart’s “Ooh La La” before Mayer transitioned into “The Age of Worry”.

As the concert was nearing its end, Mayer played a double neck guitar for the song, “If I Ever Get Around to Living” and “Edge of Desire”. Since every member of the audience was still in attendance and on their feet, they were confidently awaiting an encore and Mayer obliged by playing “Wheel” on the electric guitar. He finished the night off with a cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'”.

The way Mayer connects with his fans, shows his humility, and creates a fresh setlist with a unique experience each night will surely keep his fans coming back for more. Luckily fans will not have to wait long to see him again, because John Mayer will return to Boston this summer for two nights at Fenway Park, performing with Dead and Company.

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