Larkin Poe at Royale Boston – March 12, 2023

Nashville rock and roll duo Larkin Poe lit up the night at Royale last Sunday, on their Boston stop of the Blood Harmony tour. Joining them for the evening was Boston’s own Tall Heights. Fans lined up early outside the downtown venue, and the excitement was palpable for the band’s return to the city, after last year’s performance at the Outlaw Music Festival Tour.


The evening started off easy and mellow, with folk duo Tall Heights taking the stage first. With soft sounds and emotionally driven lyrics, the band mesmerized the growing crowd from the beginning. The duo shared personal stories surrounding the songs, and even stepped away from the mics to perform a cappella to wrap up the performance. Tall Heights was a gentle warm up for the rock and roll that was to come.


As the lights went down, Cream’s classic “White Room” would introduce the Lovell sisters to the stage. Under the neon lights, the band kicked things off with “Strike Gold”, one of the many new tracks off their latest release, Blood Harmony. The energy was electric and fans were in sync with the band, as they blasted through “Summertime Sunset” and the powerful “She’s A Self Made Man”.

Slowing down the pace, the band shared an emotional family story to introduce the heart wrenching “Mad As A Hatter”, making a strong statement about mental health advocacy. The charismatic duo kept taking the time to share stories behind the songs, like the inspiration for the rowdy “Southern Comfort”. Fans were mesmerized by the band’s stage presence the entire night, stunning in its simplicity; Rebecca’s fiery vocals and Megan’s iconic lap steel guitar licks did all the talking.

After the rock and roll loaded “Bad Spell” and “Wanted Woman / AC/DC”, the band walked off briefly as the crowd begged for an encore. The sisters would return and wrap up the night with the explosive “Deep Stays Down”, bringing an unforgettable evening to a close. Larkin Poe is living proof of the power of women in rock, bringing together the perfect mix of edge and emotion. Make sure to catch the end of the Blood Harmony Tour in the US, coming to Australia and Europe soon.

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