Ville Valo in Boston – April 2, 2023

Finnish singer-songwriter Ville Valo took over Big Night Live last Sunday night, as part of his long awaited Neon Noir Tour. Joining him on the road is supporting act Kaelan Mikla. Fans gathered in the early afternoon hours outside of the downtown venue, hoping for the coveted front row spots. On what is projected to be a successful run of mostly sold out shows, Boston was no exception.


Icelandic trio Kaelan Mikla took the stage shortly before 8PM, emerging from the shadows to an already full house. The band’s stage presence was very dark and ethereal, which quickly captivated the audience. From soft dances to gut wrenching wails, Kaelan Mikla’s performance sent chills down your spine, in the best way possible. The classic mix of synth new wave and dark goth set the scene beautifully for the rest of the night.


Anticipation was palpable as the crowd slowly moved closer to the front; fans were holding signs, flags and flowers. As the lights went down, the iconic heartagram symbol slowly lit up, and Valo made is way to the front of the stage with a smile on his face. The singer kicked off with “Echolocate Your Love” and HIM’s “Funeral of Hearts”, going back and forth seamlessly from his debut solo album, Neon Noir, and HIM classics.

The love emanating from the audience was undeniable, as VV reciprocated by singing at the edge of the stage most of the time, as close as he could. He’d grab the roses that were given to him by fans at the barricade, always with a big smile. One of the consistent highlights of the evening was the crowd’s roars anytime a HIM song started, especially during “Buried Alive by Love” and “Wings of a Butterfly”; many couples in the audience also were having emotional moments during “Join Me In Death”. It was clear that everyone in the room was elated to see Valo return.

Neon Noir was played almost in its entirety, receiving similar praise as fans were singing along. With powerful tracks like “The Foreverlost” and “Salute The Sanguine”, VV’s first solo endeavor is as fresh and emotionally charged as ever, and the passion in his performance reflected it. Wrapping up the show with HIM’s “Posion Girl” and his own “Saturnine Saturnalia”, Ville Valo gave Boston fans an evening they will never forget. Make sure to follow the Neon Noir Tour as it makes its way across the US.

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