COLD: ‘Year Of The Spider’ 20th-Anniversary Tour in Providence, RI

Fans eagerly poured into the Fete Music Hall in Providence, RI to witness the Year of the Spider 20th Anniversary Tour with COLD. The audience was also treated with an outstanding opening lineup of hard rock bands: Sygnal to Noise, Awake for Days, and Divided the Fall.

Sygnal to Noise

Sygnal to Noise, a hard rock band from Maine, showcased their unique look and powerful sound for all to behold. Every member of the 5-piece band has their own very distinct ensemble. Lead singer, Mark Cooper, emerged from a lime green, steampunk plague doctor microphone stand wearing fun star contact lenses and began to lay down tracks from their 2022 album, Human Condition. The bassist, Breanne Powell, impressed the crowd with her skills and electric stage presence. Hopefully we will see this band added to more national tours soon.

Awake for Days

This is only the second time the Italian hard rock band, Awake for Days, has come to the United States for a tour. From the moment they stepped foot on stage the crowd could see they wanted to make the most of their time here. Awake for Days showed everyone why they should be listening to their music and remembering their name. Just before the tour with COLD kicked off, Awake for Days released a brand-new album, Multiverse. Many of the tracks played were from the new album and they were extremely well received by the audience who was nodding along with charismatic lead singer, Lukas Moore. Awake for Days had already won the affection of the audience, but wanted to be certain they were remembered. They finished off their set with the popular hit, “One Step Closer” by Linkin Park. Surely there will be a lot more coming from this band soon.

Divide the Fall

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, hard rock band, Divide the Fall came out as direct support for COLD. This is an impressive feat for a band that does not have a record label. These guys are out there marketing themselves and doing it all independently. Many of the songs played in Providence, RI came from their 2020 EP, Dead Memories. Included was the hit, “Fake Love” that many of the fans were singing along to with lead singer, Ethan Weinaug. Weinaug was noticeably sporting a VRSTY shirt while performing. VRSTY is a rock band that has seen success on Sirius XM Octane in recent years. I had a chance to quickly chat with Weinaug who let me know there might be some collaborations coming soon, so we shall stay tuned for further news from this up and coming band.


Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the beloved album, Year of the Spider, COLD started off their set with “Remedy”, “Suffocate”, and the massively popular, “Stupid Girl” which immediately got the crowd singing along and wanting more in celebration of the album. The band looked like they had a great time revisiting these songs and reminiscing with the crowd. Not only did they play the Year of the Spider album in its entirety, but they also played some of the biggest hits from 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage including “No One” during their seven encores.

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