Ripe at MGM Music Hall in Fenway – April 8, 2023

Alt-pop band Ripe took over the MGM Music Hall last Saturday night on a very special, sold out hometown show. Joining them on the Bright Blues Tour are supporting bands Melt and Couch. The atmosphere was vibrant as fans slowly made their way into Lansdowne, ready for a colorful evening.


The room was already packed by the time Boston’s own Couch took over. With a blast of energy, the ensemble kicked off with “Saturday”, lighting up the audience immediately. The band combines contagious beats with superb vocals, creating a feel-good atmosphere that perfectly set the mood for the rest of the night. The audience was also treated to fun covers of Harry Styles’ “Late Night Talking” and Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”, but the band’s own style shined through at all times.


As the party continued, it was now time for Melt to take the stage. With a similar style of ensemble, the band picked up right where Couch left off, and kept the energy at its highest. With groovy tracks like “Waves” and the hit “Sour Candy”, the band’s chemistry and performance was captivating, which became evident during a series of solos for “Fade Into You”. They also jokingly pointed out the need to display the name of the band on the drums, and improvised a handwritten logo as they wrapped up their set.


The vibe in the room was electric and a sea of fans approached the front of the stage, with just enough room to dance. As the lights went down, the space was covered in blue hues, and the band slowly took their spots as cheers erupted. Kicking off with “Get Over” and “Flipside”, the place lit up right away with funky grooves. The band, originally from Boston, took several moments to not only thank the massive crowd, but also take in the sights of the sold out MGM Music Hall. It was clear to everyone in the room that this was a monumental moment for Ripe, as they received the warmest welcome.

The band performed their latest album, Bright Blues, almost in its entirety, blending in perfectly with some of the fan favorites, but they also snuck in a few bits and pieces from classic artists; a fun cover of The Kinks’ “Lola”, and intros from songs from Phish and U2 made their way into the set. Fans were loving every bit of it, and Ripe interacted with them often, even including them on a crew roll call to thank members of their team.

As every single person in sight danced the night away, the band left the stage after “Settling”, and quickly returned for a jam packed encore, including a powerful cover of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall”. The show came to a close with “Little Lighter”, wrapping up an unforgettable night not only for the audience, but especially for Ripe. Make sure to follow the Bright Blues Tour in a city near you.

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