Lewis Capaldi In Boston – April 10th, 2023

Currently on the Desire to Be Heavenly Sent tour, Lewis Capaldi and opener Em Beihold put on a great show in Boston. This sold out show at MGM Music Hall was filled to the brim with witty remarks and fans from all over the upper east coast. Getting to stop at Fenway, Lewis Capaldi had expressed how thankful he was to be in town.

Em Beihold

Opening the night was Em Beihold. As an up and coming pop artist, Beihold had captured the attention of the crowd instantly. Singing ‘Numb Little Bug’ and ‘Until I Found You’ amongst some of her other discography, we got a good taste of her talent. The fans were eager to keep Em on stage and cheered louder after every song. 

Lewis Capaldi

Immediately when Lewis Capaldi hit the stage, fans roared. Both comical and appreciable, Lewis and his crew had thanked everyone for coming out to this sold out show. Capaldi joked “I do it for the fame and the ladies, you know its true.. and of course the money… which stinks so buy some merch on the way out”. From that moment on, the crowd had encouraged Capaldi’s quick remarks. 

During the set we got to hear some of his certified hits such as ‘Before You Go’ and ‘Someone You Loved,’ which have topped the charts on Billboards Top 100 in the past few years. The night felt energetic and lively as the crowd had known every word to the songs. From couples to singles, the diversity in Capaldi’s songs helped connect the audience even from the corners of the mezzanine. 

Recently, Lewis had premiered a documentary on Netflix about his life on tour and his struggle living with his Tourette Syndrome diagnosis. Giving this new perspective into his life and his career, it seemed as if the fans adored Lewis even more so than they already did. The fans begged Lewis not to leave after the encore. He ended the night with ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ a growing crowd favorite. Later the next day, Lewis thanked the crowd on Instagram for helping him sing some of the songs after struggling through a few of them.

If you are planning to attend, we suggest you get there early as fans all over are lining up days in advance to try and snag a barricade spot. Luckily, the show is immersive and welcoming no matter where you find a spot. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Lewis on this Desire to Be Heavenly Sent tour as we know it will be blast. 

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