Half Alive in Harrisburg, PA – May 3, 2023

Touring in support of their newest album, Conditions of a Punk, Half Alive made a stop at the XL Live in Harrisburg on Wednesday night, joined by opener Tessa Violet. Half Alive’s unique mix of music and choreographed dance captivated the audience from the very beginning of the show, as the fans were treated to a long set spanning all of the band’s discography.

Tessa Violet

Tessa Violet, originally a YouTube video creator turned singer-songwriter, opened the show. While the majority of the fans were not very familiar with her music, she did her best to win them over, playing a few of her recent singles including, “YES MOM,” and “You Are Not My Friend.” The fans were also treated to an acoustic version of “Kitchen Song,” as well as a cover of “The Middle,” by Jimmy Eat World. Throughout the show Tessa made a point to introduce their new drummer, who had only played with the band a few times before the show. By the end of her set she had succeeded in winning over a few new fans, who cheered her off stage after her final song.

Half Alive

Half Alive is most well-known for their choreographed dances that accompany their songs – their music video for “Still Feel,” has over amassed over 70 million views since it was released. They brought this to the stage, opening the show by playing “Tip Toes” hiding behind a large sheet, with flashlights making a shadow puppet effect. The band stayed behind the curtain for the beginning of their next song, before dropping it for a big reveal that got the crowd cheering loudly.

Their set was organized by the seasons, with the stage lighting and mood changing depending on the season. First, summer, began with the aptly named, “Summerland,” a song that was released as a single in 2021 and added as a song on their latest album, Conditions of a Punk. They flowed effortlessly between songs, sometimes accompanied on stage by two dancers who were a great addition to the show. Midway through the set while the band was offstage, the decorative phone on stage rang, and was given to a member of the crowd to answer. They conversed with members of the band, which was a cool interactive way for the band to connect with the fans even more.

They also performed an acoustic medley of several songs, including “Arrow,” “Oh OK?” “Maybe,” and “Ice Cold,” which the crowd enjoyed. Immediately following this, they performed a cover of “Strangers Like Me,” a Phil Collins song that was included in the Tarzan soundtrack.

The show finished up with a few of their more popular songs, including “Did I Make You Up?” and “Still Feel,” and were again joined by the dancers who performed incredible choregraphed moves on stage to the songs. By the end of the show, the band had packed in over 25 songs throughout the set, but the crowd was still cheering for more. Half Alive continues their tour for the next few weeks in the Midwest and West coast, before finishing up with an appearance at BottleRock Napa Valley Festival on May 28.

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