Tarja in Boston – June 18, 2023

Symphonic metal icon Tarja took over Big Night Live this past weekend, as part of her “Living The Dream” US Tour. Supporting her most recent album, Best Of: Living The Dream, the songstress took her fans on a journey across her solo career. Joining her on tour is swiss metal band Chaoseum.


The evening started early after Chaoseum’s short but powerful set, with Tarja slowly taking the stage shortly before 9pm. “Eye Of The Storm” introduced the singer, as the room erupted in cheers the second they caught a glimpse of her. The chemistry between Tarja and her band was evident from the start, interacting constantly amongst themselves, as well as the fans in the front row. After a riveting performance of “Diva”, she would let the audience know how much fun this particular song is for her to sing. 

The band would  leave the stage halfway through the show, as a keyboard was brought forward for Tarja to do a mesmerizing acoustic version of “Oasis/You and I”. Despite a few overly excited fans that yelled through some of the performance, the singer kept her composure and the crowd was entranced by Tarja’s emotional vocals. With the threat of more rock and roll, the band returned to the stage for “Shadow Play”, followed by a series of impressive solos.

Tarja walked out briefly to grab a Boston Red Sox jersey with her last name, Turunen, across her back. She went on to perform Nightwish’s “Nemo”, giving a quiet nod to her former band; this would then be followed by Tarja’s first single as a solo artist, “I Walk Alone”. Tarja took many moments to express her gratitude for the fans that continued to follow her journey, and this was one of them. The energy was its highest from here on, with an extended encore soon to follow. “Until My Last Breath” brought the show to a close, an unforgettable evening for both the crowd, and Tarja herself. Make sure to catch the “Living The Dream” tour as it makes its way across the US.

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