Noah Kahan in Pittsburgh – June 6, 2023

Noah Kahan’s highly anticipated Stick Season Summer Tour made a stop at the sold-out Stage AE in Pittsburgh. He was joined by Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners.

Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners

Noah’s fans packed the venue early, and there was a sizable crowd to greet Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners as they opened the show. Currently residing in Bozeman, MT, the folk-rock band had the perfect vibes to get the fans excited for Noah’s set. They played some favorites like, “Evergreen,” and “Lake Missoula,” which was recently re-released featuring Mt. Joy. The band just played the first ever headlining shows earlier in the week, first in Amherst, MA and then in Buffalo, NY, in addition to opening a few of the early Stick Season Summer Tour shows. The crowd enjoyed their music and set, sending them off stage with a loud cheer after their final song.

Noah Kahan

The Vermont native gained immense popularity over the past several months following the release of his third full-length album, Stick Season, and practically his entire summer tour sold out within a week of the tour announcement. He took the stage to a tremendous cheer, opening the show with “All My Love,” “Everywhere, Everything,” and “She Calls Me Back,” all from his newest album. His light-hearted demeanor was evident from the get-go, as he interjected with a comment about how his parents got divorced during the first verse of “All My Love.” He continued with “False Confidence,” a popular song with fans off of his first album, Busyhead.

His first new song of the night was “No Complaints,” which is set to be released in a few days with the release of the deluxe version of Stick Season, titled Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever). Noah’s honesty and vulnerability was evident again during “Growing Sideways,” a song that he introduced by talking about his experiences with therapy and half-joked that he thought everyone should be seeing a therapist. Other highlights from the set included his two odes to growing up and living in Vermont, “Northern Attitude,” and “Homesick,” as well as another unreleased song “Dial Drunk.” While he has been teasing this song on TikTok for weeks, he commented how surprised he was that almost the entire crowd already knew the lyrics to an unreleased song.

He returned to the stage after a brief wait for a three song encore, opening with “The View Between Villages,” a song that starts slow before crescendoing into a chaotic rush of emotion for the final lyrics (the song is also being released as an extended cut with the release of the deluxe album). Up next was “Stick Season,” the title track to his latest album and the viral song that brought him hoards of new fans. After the conclusion of the song he thanked the crowd for coming and showing their support, commenting how surreal it was to be playing a completely sold out tour after rarely selling out single shows. He finished his set with “Mess,” another song from his first album that left his longtime fans pleased with the selection of older songs.

Noah returns to New England at the end of July for a performance at Newport Folk Festival, as well as two shows in Burlington, Vermont. He returns out west for the month of August, but circles back in the beginning of September with shows in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. While the entirety of his tour is sold out, I would definitely recommend searching for some tickets and catch one of his shows if possible, as it is not one you will be soon to forget.

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