Milky Chance in Harrisburg – June 12, 2023

While on tour with Young the Giant this summer, Milky Chance took a few chances to play solo shows in some cities, and Harrisburg was lucky to get one of those dates. The band had just released their latest album, Living in a Haze only a few days before, and the crowd was itching to hear some of those new songs live. They opened with “Synchronize,” a perfect song to open the set with as the catchy chorus had the crowd singing along and dancing early. They followed that up with a few older songs, including “Blossom,” and “Cocoon,” which the crowd definitely knew. Their stage was covered with strobe lights, flashing to the beat of the songs and transforming the concert venue into a nightclub at times. Some of their songs feature heavy synth and bass lines, which complimented to European nightclub vibe that the band was giving off.

A trio of songs off their latest album followed, including, “Golden,” “Frequency of Love,” and “Better Off.” A surprising number of fans already knew lyrics to these songs, impressive considering that they had been released only days before the show. They followed those songs with a great cover of “Tainted Love,” which had the crowd singing along and nodding their heads to the drums and bass. You may not think this would be a good song for the band to cover given the different genres, but they made it work and put their own spin on the cover, featuring heavy guitars and bass and would be best described as hazy.

They finished off their set with two of their most popular songs, “Flashed Junk Mind,” and “Stolen Dance,” which immediately got the crowd engaged and singing along. They thanked the crowd for coming out to the show before briefly leaving the stage, which got the crowd cheering and chanting for them to come back out for more songs. The band obliged, coming back out to play, “Colorado,” a song off their 2021 release, Trip Tape. The band finished off the show with “Sweet Sun,” an upbeat song that features a repetitive guitar riff that had the crowd nodding their head and wishing for more music as the band left the stage for the night.

The German rockers put on a great show, showing off their versatility by playing songs off a many of their albums while fitting in a couple of covers as well. Their stage presence and set design really showed off their European influence and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed their night of music. The band continues their tour with Young the Giant through the end of the summer and into the beginning of September on the west coast.

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