A Reunited Blink 182 Comes to Boston – May 21, 2023

For the first time in over a decade, the original lineup of Blink 182 came to Massachusetts. Joining them at the TD Garden were hardcore punk band Turnstile and White Reaper, with the trio of bands bringing an wild night of energetic music to Boston.


These Baltimore hardcore punk rockers have been making a name for themselves, headlining packed clubs, with people going wild during their high-energy shows. While they still were full of energy, their sound may have been more intense than the average Blink fan was looking for. Turnstile opening an arena compared to Turnstile headlining a club is a wildly different experience. I’m sure they made some new fans tonight, though, and hopefully those fans will, in turn, see a headlining show in the future.


The last time guitarist Tom DeLonge performed with Blink-182 in New England was all the way back in 2011. Soon after that, he left the band, and while Blink carried on for the next decade or so, playing plenty of successful shows, it was never the same as before. That all came to an end last October, when the band announced a two year world tour (and working on a new album!) with DeLonge. So tonight Tom, along with bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker, brought the original lineup to Boston.

Given the interaction between Tom and Mark on stage tonight, you’d never know there was any time apart with them. They were telling stories and cracking jokes, with a sense of humor that was exactly what you’d expect at a Blink 182 show. The whole band was tight, but drummer Travis Barker is, of course, always a monster highlight behind the kit.

Blink made sure all the big hits were in their set, from “The Rock Show” and “I Miss You,” to “All the Small Things,” “What’s my Age Again?” and closing the night out with “Dammit.” They also played the new song they recently put out, “EDGING,” giving audiences a taste of what their new album may soundlike.

With big production, powerful sound, and a great energy between the trio, Blink-182’s reunion is exactly what anybody could have hoped for. This tour is planned to last at least into 2024, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an amphitheater run from the band next summer. Regardless, don’t pass up any opportunity to see these guys!

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