Yellowcard in Portland, Maine – August 18, 2023

Finally coming back to Portland, Maine after almost 20 years, Yellowcard arrived at the Cross Insurance Arena on August 18, 2023. Supported by opening acts This Wild Life, Story of The Year and Mayday Parade, this night was an incredible experience for everyone from all ages.

This Wild Life

Opening the night, This Wild Life was a perfect start to the antics for the remainder of the night. In the best possible way, it was like watching a talent show being sped ran, you couldn’t take your eyes away from them song after song. This Wild Life, an acoustic alternative duo from Long Beach, California, succeeded at creating a sense of nostalgia amongst the crowd even with their original songs. They ended their set with Cool With You, which then their touring crew came out and had a silly string fight which wrapped up their eccentric set perfectly.

Story Of The Year

If there is one thing I can make note of about this tour, it’s that these bands know how to have a lot of fun. Opening their set with ‘And The Hero Will Drown’, the St. Louis band engaged the audience and made their set so enjoyable to watch. The lead vocalist, Dan Marsala, actually shared during their set that while in their home town they went so insane he actually broke his foot while on tour. During the last song, ‘Until The Day I Die’, the crew came out with light sabers and shot gunned beers on stage, was truly an experience to watch them have such a fun time.

Mayday Parade

Soft launching their emotional set, Mayday Parade started with ‘Oh Well, Oh Well’ and immediately had the arena joining along with them in song. Mayday Parade, a rock band from Tallahassee, Florida, is easily one of my top five bands to see live. Lead vocalist, Derek Sanders, has one of the most raw and emotional voices that just translates as beautifully live as it is recorded. Not only are fans treated to his talents vocally, he often brings out a piano and plays a live rendition of ‘Miserable At Best’, one of the most heart felt songs to hear live. Fans were treated to classic songs such as ‘Jersey’, ‘Jamie All Over’, and even newer songs such as ‘Got Me All Wrong’. I can not speak more highly of Mayday Parade, they are an absolute must see performance.


After nearly 20 years, Yellowcard graced Portland, Maine again and had nearly a full arena. During their set, lead vocalist Ryan Key recalled when they first came to Maine it was maybe ~400 individuals in the crowd, to now a nearly filled up arena. Opening their set, ‘Way Away’, had fans belting out the words in excitement which was followed by a whopping 19 song set list. Fans were treated to a whopping 90 minute set where they played hits such as ‘Light Up The Sky’, ‘Believe’, and ‘Only One’. One of the most notable things about Yellowcard’s performance is the synergy that lives within each of the band members, absolutely sparking an amazing performance.

During the set, Key had shared that after Riot Fest last year the band had felt so much energy and passion they had went and recorded more music. They had even a produced a song that now plays on the radio, the first in the past 16 years to make it.

Closing out their set with ‘Ocean Avenue’, stage hands brought out couches and the supporting bands joined them for a huge party and celebration of end of the tour. The ongoing theme I had noticed was everyone was truly celebrating and enjoying the one thing that brings them all together– music. I would absolutely recommend seeing Yellowcard and any of the bands on the lineup if ever on a lineup near you!

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