The Fall of Troy in Denver – September 23, 2023

It’s been 5 long years since the 3 man band has played in Denver, Colorado. The Fall of Troy made a return this past Saturday, September 23rd at Summit Music Hall just nestled right off Blake Street with support from Zeta and Greyhaven. What brought the band back after so long?

Zeta opened up the night with a beautiful set, in which none of their songs were performed in English, but in Spanish. The band formed in 2003 out of Anzoategui, Venezuela, before relocating to North America to establish and grow their roots to what they’re known as now – a five person Venezuelan Post-Rock outfit. The crowd loved them, and cheered them on louder than I’ve heard any opener receive in some time. The vibes were high, and concert goers were moving to the music, falling perfectly in sync with the band as they performed their 45 minute set.

After a 15 minute interval, Greyhaven took the stage. Their progressive post-hardcore sound was the perfect aid in setting the tone for headliners, The Fall of Troy. Lead singer Brent Mills carried the energy of the crowd, engaging with fans from the stage and encouraging mosh pits – setting the tone for the fans anxiously awaiting The Fall of Troy to end the night that Denver fans had been anticipating for what seemed like a lifetime.

20 minutes after Greyhaven thanked Denver and TFOT for having them on tour, the trio took the stage while fans chanted “Fall of Troy, Fall of Troy…” before cheering into utter excitement as they opened up with “Laces Out, Dan!” Throughout the set, the band played songs off their self titled album (2003) and Doppelganger, which was released back in 2005. Fans went absolutely wild as they screamed the lyrics to popular favorite, “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.”- after that, the energy was unhinged, and radiated throughout the venue, putting those on the guardrail into full on “fan girl” mode. For the remainder of the set, fans vibed and rocked out as they soaked in the reality that The Fall of Troy was there after five years, celebrating twenty years.

The night ended with the band thanking Denver for coming out to support them and thanked supporting acts Zeta and Greyhaven. The Fall of Troy closed out their ten stop tour playing seven different cities within a span of only ten days. I wonder what else the band has in store for fellow fans in the future.

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