Big Gigantic at Red Rocks in Colorado – September 29, 2023

The duo based out of Boulder, Colorado returned to Red Rocks Amphitheatre this past Saturday for Rowdytown XI. Their two day wave took place on Friday, September 29th and Saturday, September 30th. Jason Leech, Bijou, and Wreckno opened up the weekend for Big G with a bang from each performance.

With the sixth year return to the infamous venue, Big Gigantic brought a new look to the set. The stage consisted of three led screens behind the main led platform in the shape of a “V” facing away from the crowd. Several light fixtures were set on each side of the screens and lay along the floor at the front of the stage. Above you could see a large, shiny, silver disco ball. As we awaited the group to take the stage, a woman that worked with Red Rocks let me know that songs two, three and five were to have pyro – which is not only exciting to hear, but good insight to know.

About ten minutes later, the lights went dim and the background music that played during intermission faded out. The crowd started cheering as Dominic Lolli first walked out, waving with both hands while taking place on the far side of the platform. Following him of course was drummer Jeremy Salken, again waving to their fans. He took place at his set and instantly picked up his sticks. They both started playing as a snake with a disco ball for a head appeared on the screen and green beams shot from above. The visuals as the guys played were so appealing as a white light then hit the disco ball, reflecting white beams amongst the stage. The set itself was full of color, beams of light, lasers, and pyro in more than just three songs.

The energy of the group and the crowd was unreal. Good vibes were spread and felt throughout the venue as Dominic and Jeremy brought out four other guys to play with them throughout their set. In addition to themselves on saxophone and drums, the men they had alongside them consisted of two trombone players, a trumpet player and an additional saxophone player – making for quite the band as a whole, as if the two of them weren’t already amazing enough.

The set lasted an hour and a half before Big Gigantic announced their last song and exited the stage. The crowd of course chanted for an encore in which they came back out and played for another 45 minutes before thanking fans for a great night and wishing everyone gets home safely. Big G played a number of popular songs and a ton of collabs with fellow friends and artists. Some of those tracks included NGHTMRE x Alison Wonderland’s “Lost My Mind” and “Good Times Roll” a collab with GRiZ, who just recently went on hiatus. Dominic and Jeremy pulled off yet another successful weekend at Red Rocks and fans can’t wait to see what year seven brings.

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