Between the Buried and Me in Denver – April 3, 2024

Between the Buried and Me returns to tour for “The Colors Experience” with The Acacia Strain as the supporting act. Eleven weeks ago the band excitedly announced a two night back to back soirée of shred – beginning with a performance of 2007’s album Colors on the first night, following with 2021’s album Colors II on the second.

The tour officially started last month on March 7th in their home state, North Carolina at The Underground in Charlotte and is projected to end this month on April 16th on the complete opposite side of the country in Seattle, Washington at The Croc. Seventeen different venues across fifteen different states will have the honor of hosting the experience for metal fans – each location with a different experience, vibe and sound between the two days. Many fans, specifically those from California and Texas traveled to attend at least one of the two days. A plethora of Georgia fans unfortunately disappointed that BTBAM wouldn’t hit their state this time around were left with the decision on whether or not to travel to Nashville or Charlotte.

The fans of Denver were lucky enough to fill Summit, a venue located just off Blake Street in the heart of the city. Night one was PACKED, or maybe it felt that way because there were constant mosh pits on the main level that took up almost the entirety of the floor. Fans overflowed up the two step stairs on both sides, back around the bar and the entire upper level. The only empty space that was left was the narrow walkway that led you through the crowd to the bathroom and the two doors that led out to the smoking area or to leave the venue. Despite the lack of space the crowd was kind through their electric energy that filled the entire venue, allowing people to gentle squeeze through with complete understanding.

Both nights were opened with the five man deathcore band, The Acadia Strain based out of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Their sets sent concert goers into nostalgia as they reminisced on the days from the start of their careers back in 2001, asking how many fans in the crowd were in high school when they released their first album “…And Life Is Very Long” which happened the following year of 2002. The energy of the band amped up the crowd as person upon person would pop up out of the sea of people, floating across the hands that led them to the barricades where security promptly caught each person to set them back down on the ground. So much so, that lead singer Vincent Bennett took time to address the appreciation and hard work of the crew and their tireless efforts to ensure the safety of the crowd. I for one have to give credit to the fans as well, not a single person hit the floor – if anyone was going down, those around them ensured they were gently set down on the ground without harm.

Between the Buried and Me took stage at approximately 9:15pm, just as the set time projected. The five members of the band took place on the dark stage before a hue of purple illuminated their surroundings. Fans screamed with excitement, some even chanted “B-T-B-A-M, B-T-B-A-M” before the start of their first song. Lead vocalist Tommy Giles Rogers, bassist Paul Waggoner, and drummer Blake Richardson radiated such intense energy as guitarist Dustie Waring reflected the nastiest “bass faces” alongside bassist Dan Briggs. The lighting for their set was a marvel compared to other simple setups I’ve seen in the past – and I say simple because there wasn’t a ton of equipment. With just a handful of lighting fixtures prisms of color and beautiful patterns of light flashed off the stage and through the entire set. A handful of moments creating gorgeous silhouettes of each member as they shredded the night away.

The first night ended on a heavy note with a surprise for a more melodic and instrumental surprise coming for the second night – fitting for Colors II, just as promised.

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