Hyperfix Plays Their Debut Show in Boston – April 18, 2024

There was a buzz on Causeway Street on this rainy Thursday evening, even though the Bruins and Celtics playoff games wouldn’t start until Saturday. No, the Garden was quiet tonight, but across the street at The Harp, Boston’s newest rock band, Hyperfix, had their debut performance. 

A Thursday gig for a new band can be a tough ticket to sell, but they brought a very respectable crowd to the venue. Hyperfix’s set consisted of about 50% original songs, and 50% rock covers. The band kicked off with a pair of originals, “Rock ‘n Roll Girl” and “Snake in the Grass,” before covering the king himself, with “Burning Love.” Frontman Nolan Donato did a great job channeling Elvis for the song.

In addition to Nolan, the band consist of Kyle Champeon on guitar, Riley Feeney on bass, and Ethan Leff on the drums. Kyle and Riley have played together for years in The Mockingbirds, a popular cover band that rocks bars and weddings all over New England. In that band, Riley is the lead singer, and his vocal talents were on display in the middle of the set tonight, singing lead on “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters.

One of the bands originals that I really liked was titled “The Sky is Falling.” It started off with a really cool groove on the guitar, which definitely stuck with me. After the song, Kyle fessed up to accidentally skipping a song on the setlist, leaving the band confused. In the moment, the band didn’t skip a beat, skipped back a song to play “What are you Waiting For,” and rolled on without another hitch.

After a rockin’ performance of Tom Petty’s “Refugee,” the band played their song “.44 Magnum,” which they announced will be their next single, releasing in just a few days. The crowd then erupted for their performance of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” Before an encore performance of “Dirty Water,” the set ended with their song “Thrown it all Away,” which released on your favorite audio platform last month.

The band had a lot of energy, a lot of talent. If you like music with a strong classic rock influence, Hyperfix is definitely a band you will want to keep your eye on!

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