Run 2 Cover
Voltage Lounge
Philadelphia, PA
March 2, 2016

Last month, I was able to catch up and coming band, Run 2 Cover, opening for Austin Jones, in the very intimate Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA. Their energetic show is definitely a sight to see.

The small crowd piled into the venue slowly, searching for the perfect spot to view the show. Soon the band made their presence known as they immediately kicked off their short yet sweet set with “I Like the Way It Hurts” and “It’s Okay.” The fans jumped and head banged to the rhythm of their upbeat songs as they kept the night going with “She’s Kinda Hot,” featuring headliner Austin Jones. Fans sang along passionately, reaching out for the band members and Austin Jones. Run 2 Cover then ended their set with a fantastic cover of Bowling for Soup’s hit, “1985” and “Pretty Little Thing.”

Overall, this band certainly released a phenomenal energy throughout the venue. Be sure to check out their future tour dates, they put on quite a show!

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