From Ashes to New
The Webster Studio
New York, NY
February 26, 2016

The Webster Studio in New York City was recently graced with the presence of up and comers, From Ashes to New, celebrating the release of their debut album, Day One. To give everyone a background on the band, From Ashes to New is a five-piece alternative rock/rap group from Lancaster, PA, having formed two years ago. However, their show is definitely a sight to see.

From Ashes To New

From Ashes To New

Fans, having driven great distances to see From Ashes to New perform a headlining show, piled into the venue, searching for the perfect spot to view their incredible performance. It wasn’t too long until the band made their presence known, immediately kicking their set off with “Downfall,” “Farther from Home,” and from their first self-titled EP, “My Fight.” After playing “Lost and Alone,” “I Will Show You,” and “Breaking Now,” they kept the party going with “Destruction of Myself” and “Live Again.” Rapper Matt Brandyberry then took over on guitars while guitarist, Branden Kreider, accompanied vocalist, Chris Musser, in the debut performance of “Face the Day.” Branden then took over guitars again as the band continued their set with “You Only Die Once,” “Land of Make Believe,” and “Same Old Story,” ending the night with their hit singles, “Through it All” and “Stay This Way.”

Overall, it was definitely the right way to start off the weekend. Be sure to check out From Ashes to New’s future tour dates and their album, Day One, is now available in stores and online.

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