Mother Feather

Mother Feather
May 2016


Never have I ever wanted to trade spots with someone in my life. Ann Courtney is what every female rockstar wants to be. Her voice is beautiful and rough. Her lyrics pack a punch.

Her band “Mother Feather” was born in late 2009 on a trip out of New York City. Ann’s self proclaimed “Pop Cock Rock” band got their name because of a Freudian slip. If that’s not rock and roll, I don’t know what mother fucking is.

The band has released 2 EPs independently, and are now signed with Metal Blade Records. They will be releasing their debut LP on May 13th, and it’s everything you could want.

Mother Feather

Mother Feather

With Ann on vocals, Elizabeth Carena on vocals and keyboard, Matt Basile on Bass, Chris Foley on guitar and Gunnar Olsen on drums, this group brings alternative 90s rock back. It’s as if someone mixed in Nirvana and 4 Non Bondes and then added a dash of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to come up with this amazing group.

The first track, ‘Living, Breathing’ starts off with a unforgetable guitar riff. When Ann starts singing, I revert back to 18 year old me, singing as loud as possible in my car. By the time I made it down to ‘Trampoline’, I was hooked. The songs drumbeat had me tapping my foot. The catchy chorus was infectious, I couldn’t not sing. Ann sings, “I’ll be your tramp, tramp, tramp, trampoline”, so enthusiastically that I can’t tell if there is a sexual innuendo there, or if she’s just helping me touch the sky.

Whatever this band is doing, they are doing it right. This whole album is full of hits. I can’t guarantee you’ll be a MFer when you are done listening, but I know I sure as hell am!

Mother FeatherMother Feather
Living, Breathing
Natural Disaster
Mother Feather
Beach House
The Power
They Tore Down the Sk8 Park

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