May 2016

VÉRITÉ - Living

VÉRITÉ (Kelsey Burns) just released her latest EP on May 6th called Living, and it’s phenomenal. She has been performing since elementary school, and writing songs since she was 16 years old. Since graduating college she has been able to focus all her attention to this project, and it shows.



There are only 5 songs on the EP and they are all different but have the same subject. She also used different producers for each song, which was not planned, but worked well. Her voice is clear and powerful. Even when she sings curse words, you can’t help but only hear the beauty.

My favorite track from this album is “Underdressed”. It’s a basic electronic/pop song, with a great beat and vocals. It’s a song about the ending of a relationship, with a great chorus I couldn’t help but sing along too. The other 4 songs are similar. They all have a great beat, fantastic vocals and relatability. The songs on this EP are unique, each having it’s own feel but keeping a similar overall sound. I am excited to see what this songwriter does with her talent as she grows through her music.

1) Underdressed
2) Constant Crush
3) Rest
4) Gesture
5) Living

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