Amon Amarth at House of Blues Boston – April 23, 2016

Amon Amarth has sailed back over from Sweden, touring in support of their recently released Jomsviking. Along with their Viking army, they were supported by Exmortus and Entombed AD.

Entombed AD

Entombed AD is a Swedish death metal band made up of members of the broken up band Entombed. This lineup released their second album, Dead Dawn in February. Their set was a mix of material from both bands catalogs.

Dead Dawn
Stranger Aeons
Second to None
Midas In Reverse
Living Dead
The Winner Has Lost
Revel in Flesh
Wolverine Blues
Left Hand Path

Amon Amarth

The curtain that draped the stage was pulled back, and Amon Amarth came out roaring with “The Pursuit of Vikings.” In a set filled with both their staples, as well as tracks off their newly released Jomsviking, Amon Amarth was on fire tonight.

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth

For this tour, the band has one of the most elaborate stages they’ve used in the US, a large viking helmet drum riser serving as the focal piece, with ramps going up either side. Throughout the night, backdrops changed between songs, very much giving and Iron Maiden feel to the stage. Singer Johan Hegg donned a Loki mask for a song, while Viking warriors came out and battled each other on stage during “The Way of Vikings,” and stood in the background with various weapons during other songs.

After the departure of Fredrik Andersson last year, Jocke Wallgren, drummer of October Tide, is filling in on the skins for the tour, and did a great job.

All around this was the most impressive Amon Amarth show I’ve had the chance to see!

The Pursuit of Vikings
As Loke Falls
First Kill
The Way of Vikings
At Dawn’s First Light
Deceiver of the Gods
Cry of the Black Birds
One Against All
Thousand Years of Oppression
Destroyer of the Universe
Death in Fire
Runes to My Memory
One Thousand Burning Arrows
Father of the Wolf
War of the Gods
Victorious March
Raise Your Horns
Guardians of Asgaard
Twilight of the Thunder God

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