Walter Trout

Alive in Amsterdam
June 2016

WalterTroutWalter Trout is back, and better than ever! His June 17th release of “Alive in Amsterdam” is proof.

Walter’s long career spans from 1969 to now, and he has performed with greats like Percy Mayfield and John Lee Booker. In 2014, he had a setback when he was diagnosed with a serious liver disease. With the help of his wife and donations, he was able to get a life saving transplant.

WalterTrout2Armed with a repaired liver and new sense of what it really means to be alive, Walter really is better than ever, in every way possible. I was able to listen to a few tracks and see a couple of videos. He looks and sounds alive. His son joins him for a few tracks, and the dynamic of it is great. His song ‘Say Goodbye to the Blues’ is changed a little in dedication to B.B. King. It’s a wonderful tribute to a true legend, from a legend.

I look forward to hearing the whole release and seeing him continue to heal and LIVE through his music.

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