Can You Hear Me?
Vans Warped Tour
Mansfield, MA
July 13, 2016



The Vans Warped Tour is a huge, all-day festival. We have been listening to different artists to prepare for the crazy, fun time we are going to have! There are multiple stages, so you need to juggle which acts are going to be where and when. I’m keeping on eye on where the food and water will be located, because, it’s July, and hot. If you haven’t been to a festival like this before; please remember to stay hydrated! In the midst of planning for my ears and stomach, I forgot about one thing:


Tents with giveaways, Tents with items for sales, and Tents for non-profits.

logoCan You Hear Me? (CYHM?) is one of these non-profits. They are an organization that is dedicated to helping teens and young adults, find their voice through the arts. However they feel comfortable expressing themselves, whether it be music, photography, writing/poetry, or videos. It is hard to get young people to share their feelings, especially feelings that may be considered “wrong”.  This organization creates a safe place to share how they feel, and get support for these feelings.  They help with mental health, addiction, bullying, LGBT issues and more.

Can You Hear Me? will have a tent equipped with a recording booth where bands, or kids, can share their stories with the CYHM? Community. There will also be team members onsite to help with any questions you may have about the organization.

With the tragedy that happened in Orlando, they are also doing something special!  They are selling a special edition Pride Support shirt to benefit the Pulse Victims Fund.  The organization wanted to show their love and support for the victims, and that this shirt was the least they could do.  They are currently selling the shirt online HERE and will have it available at all the Warped Tour dates. shirt

Keep your eye out for the CYHM tent at the Vans Warped Tour and follow this link HERE for more information on the organization!

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