I Prevail

July 2016

iprevailjune2016‘Scars”, the latest single from I Prevail was released on Friday, July 1st and was well worth the wait. The guys, Brian Burkheiser,Eric Vanlerberghe, Steve Menoian and Lee Runestad have been teasing about the new material for months. Through all forms of social media,they have shown clips of them singing, writing songs, recording and being the goofy group we have grown to love.

This post hardcore/ metal core band from Michigan started making heads bang and mosh pits go crazy in 2013. Since then, they have released a EP full of hits, and a cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ that was as good as the original. If not better.

Being such a big fan of the band’s previous releases, I was excited and nervous to hear this. I was really pleased that they reached the bar that I had set so high for them. The song is almost perfect. Brian and Eric balance each other out well. Brian’s voice is clear and mixes well with the harshness of Eric scream. Unlike some death metal vocals, I can understand Eric’s guttural growl, and I appreciate that. They lyrics are meaningful, as always. Essentially this is a song about keeping your head up and staying true to who you are.

downloadI am ecstatic that they have stayed true to who they are and that this single represents that. They are currently touring With The White Noise, My Nemesis and I, and Bad Seed Rising. Keep a look out for them and their album, Lifelines, due out in late fall!

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