Garage Days Re-Revisited
Remastered EP Announced
April 13, 2018

In 2012, Metallica regained the rights to all of their master recordings, and created their own label, Blackened Recordings. Since then, they’ve been releasing remasters of their albums, one by one. In November, they released a remastered edition of their third album, the monumental Master of Puppets. Today, they have announced their next release, and no, it’s not …And Justice For All.

April 13, they’ll be releasing a remastered edition of The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Re-Revisited. This five song EP was the world’s first introduction to Jason Newsted taking over as bassist, after the death of Cliff Burton.

To keep with the theme of this 80’s release, the remaster is going to be available in multiple formats. Not only CD, Vinyl and MP3, but also cassette and even a CD longbox!


  1. Helpless
    Originally released by Diamond Head
  2. The Small Hours
    Originally released by Holocaust
  3. The Wait
    Originally released by Killing Joke
  4. Crash Course in Brain Surgery
    Originally released by Budgie
  5. Last Caress / Green Hell
    Originally released by The Misfits


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