In Flames at House of Blues Boston, MA – March 3, 2019.

In Flames just released their thirteenth studio album, I, the Mask, on March 1. Kicking off the touring cycle for this album, they’re touring the US, while supporting the Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation.

Björn Gelotte and Chris Broderick

In Flames has changed their sound a lot over the years, and this overall was not a set about reminiscing on the past, but about embracing their current era. I, the Mask was their first album to feature drummer Tanner Wayne, and the first to feature Bryce Paul on bass, after Peter Iwers departed the band after nearly 20 years with them. Given the lineup changes, and the solid new release, it makes sense that this material would be well represented tonight. Two-thirds of the set came off of the last three albums. There were still a few classics in their for the older fans, such as “Pinball Map,” off of Clayman, and “Cloud Connected,” off of Reroute to Remain.

In addition to those full-time lineup changes, guitar player Niclas Engelin last minute announced he would have to sit this tour out. Replacing him for the tour is former Megadeth and current Act of Defiance guitar player Chris Broderick. As much as I am a fan of Niclas, I have to admit, it was a treat to see Broderick perform with In Flames. He never disappoints as a performer!

As the supporting band on the bill, there will always be people in the crowd who are just there for the headliner. One fan in the front row, clearly a Within Temptation fan, looked to be having a miserable time during In Flames set. Singer Anders Fridén spoke to her between songs, asking “What do we have to do to become friends? Can I get you a beer or something?” The woman responded by sticking her middle finger in the air, causing Anders to dedicate their next song, “I Am Above” to her.

Don’t need your tears, I don’t need your love
Don’t need your sympathy, I am above

Despite a few bad apples, the crowd seemed to really enjoy In Flames’ performance. Throughout the eras, they’ve never disappointed me live, and I hope to see a headlining tour of their own in the near future.

In Flames Guitarist Björn Gelotte

Everything’s Gone
Pinball Map
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Monsters in the Ballroom
All for Me
(This Is Our) House
Here Until Forever
The Truth
I Am Above
Cloud Connected
The End

Just before the show, we had a chance to sit down with guitar player Björn Gelotte. We talked about I, the Mask, about how the writing and recording process has changed, what sort of gear he used on the album, how they got Chris Broderick involved for this tour, and much more. Check out our interview here!

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