Coming Soon: Shinedown “ATTENTION ATTENTION” Feature Film


Shinedown will soon be releasing ATTENTION ATTENTION, a feature film based on the 2018 album of the same name. Promising to be more than just a collection of music videos, ATTENTION ATTENTION will have a theme and story told throughout them. People with sharp eyes may have noticed some recurring characters in the music videos already released.

Personally, I am very excited for this! ATTENTION ATTENTION is one of my favorite albums of the last 10 years, so I am looking forward to seeing this visual representation of the album. While I look forward to hearing what Shinedown does on their 7th album, currently being recorded now, I will be sad to see the end of the ATTENTION ATTENTION album cycle. This movie feels like the perfect exclamation point on our time with this album.

The movie is available for pre-order on digital and cable VOD now, with an exclusive rate of $6.99 available on iTunes today only. Read on below for the press release on the film, followed by the trailer below.

Still from the film

ATTENTION ATTENTION, the feature film experience of multi-platinum band Shinedown’s 2018 record-breaking studio album of the same name, will premiere worldwide on Friday, September 3rd. Available on digital and cable VOD via Gravitas Ventures, ATTENTION ATTENTION is available now for pre-order in the U.S. for $12.99, with an exclusive rate of $6.99 currently offered until midnight ET tonight (August 24th). PRESS HERE to purchase and PRESS HERE to watch the trailer.

ATTENTION ATTENTION is a visual journey that brings to life the story of Shinedown’s acclaimed chart-topping album, their sixth full-length, which has accumulated more than 622 million global streams, debuted Top 5 on the Billboard 200, simultaneously hit #1 on Billboard’s Alternative, Top Rock and Hard Rock Albums Charts, and led to five iHeart Radio Music Award nominations. From life’s lowest lows to the highest highs, what emerges from the forthcoming film is a powerful and enduring statement about humanity, overcoming struggle, the importance of mental health, not being afraid to fail, and the resolve of the human spirit. This stunning sonic and visual work of art was directed by Bill Yukich (Beyoncé, Metallica, Wiz Khalifa) and features theatrical performances from the band, Melora Walters (Magnolia, Big Love, PEN15), and Francesca Eastwood (Old, Twin Peaks, Fargo), among others.

“Miles Davis once said ‘If you’re gonna tell a story, tell it with some attitude.’ That is precisely what the film ATTENTION ATTENTION does,” shares front man Brent Smith. “A mind-bending free fall into the human psyche. A visual journey through the eyes of multiple characters, scenarios, and complex situations. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!”

“Visualizing each song from this amazing album, ATTENTION ATTENTION the film is a journey through the minds of its characters,” adds Yukich. “What starts as many stories ultimately becomes one story, one message, as the paths of each character converge.”

Shinedown – ATTENTION ATTENTION Film Trailer

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