Gogol Bordello in Boston – May 4, 2022

The gypsy punks themselves, Gogol Bordello, have returned to Boston for the first time in nearly five years! The band kicked off their Solidaritine Tour at The Royale, a tour that has a heavy emphasis on supporting the Ukraine. With a band as unique as Gogol Bordello, you need a unique act to open the show, and joining them on this tour is the one-of-a-kind Amigo the Devil.

Amigo the Devil

There’s no one genre to describe the music of Amigo the Devil, aka Danny Kiranos. It’s been described as “murder folk,” and with song titles like “Dahmer Does Hollywood” and “Hungover in Jonestown,” you can see why. This dark blend of folk and country attracts fans from all genres, with the crowd singing along to songs like “Murder at the Bingo Hall.”

Historically, Amigo has been a solo performer, however this year he added members from IV and the Strange Band, the project of Hank Williams III’s son, to give some of his performances an even larger sound. The audience certainly seemed to enjoy it, and it was just the perfect sort of show to warm people up for Gogol Bordello.

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello has always been known for their energetic live shows. With seven people running around the stage, the band has the power of a freight train, that one couldn’t stop if they tried. Add in a sold out Boston crowd, and we’re lucky the foundation of the building didn’t crumble!

Frontman Eugene Hütz and violininst Sergey Ryabtsev are the long standing heart of the band, with the many other members adding to the strength of the band. The newest, though no longer new, member of the band is vocalist Ashley Tobias, or Tobi, who has joined in the five years since the band was last in Boston. She had an incredible energy to her performance, and when she, Eugene, and percussionist Pedro Erazo would come to the front of the stage and sing together, you couldn’t help but fixate on them.

Some crowd favorites of the show included “Wonderlust King,” “Start Wearing Purple,” and “Sally.” In the middle of the set, we were treated to a new song that has yet to be released. The energetic set eventually had to come to an end, with the audience singing along to “Undestructable” at the end of the night.

We’re living in crazy times in this world. Part of how the term Gypsy Punks developed for the band had to do with the fact that they hailed from all corners of the globe. Eugene is originally from the Ukraine, so with this tour, the band is spreading the message of freedom for Ukraine. The entire tour was dedicated to the Ukrainian soldiers, and a significant portion of the proceeds are going to Ukraine’s battle for democracy, as well as human rights relief.

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