#SupportLocalMusic – 7 Day Weekend at the Bristol Fourth of July Concert Series – June 24, 2022

7 Day Weekend is one of New England’s greatest party bands. They keep the crowd moving all night, with no downtime as they move from one medley to the next, covering everything from Bruno Mars to Grease, and Carrie Underwood to Journey. Everyone in the crowd is sure to find something in their set they enjoy singing along to!

On Friday night, they played the Fourth of July Concert Series in Bristol, RI. If you don’t know, Bristol is known for their Fourth of July celebrations, hence the fact we’re still nearly two weeks away and already celebrating. Bristol is home of the longest continuously running Fourth of July parade, and they spend a few weeks leading up to the date with concerts, carnivals, and all sorts of activities.

7 Day Weekend played the event for the first time last year, and in the time since then, they were the most heavily requested band to play this year. Independence Park was packed, as they kicked off their set with “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. This family-friendly event was filled with fans of all generations, from little kids, up to grandparents, all were having a good time. A row of food trucks kept people fed, and this gorgeous night on the water couldn’t have been more fun for those in attendence.

You can frequently find 7 Day Weekend performing at venues all over New England, and you can find their full schedule at https://www.7dayweekendband.com/

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