Stand Atlantic at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston – June 12, 2022

Australian rock band Stand Atlantic played a sold out show at Paradise Rock Club in Boston, supporting their new album, f.e.a.r. Joining them on the bill were With Confidence, No Love for the Middle Child, and Census.


Being the first of three supporting acts for Stand Atlantic’s sold out show at Paradise Rock Club, Census was an excellent choice to hype up the crowd. These four guys from Arkansas created the perfect mix of Pop, Emo, and Progressive Rock.

This energetic group performed their biggest hit, “Ruin My Life,” which was especially popular with the crowd. Another song performed that stood out from the rest was their song “Sunbeam” which was written in hopes of raising awareness of sexual assault. Big things are coming for these four guys!

No Love for the Middle Child

No Love for the Middle Child, also known, as Andrew Migliore came on next. He had the greatest stage presence of the night, a star quality like no other. Fans crowd surfed for almost every single song he played.

This indie alternative artist caught me by surprise. Since this was a mainly punk-esque lineup, I didn’t expect the crowd to go as hard as they did. “Pretty Little Lies” was one of my favorites of the night, being a pop song with a tasteful amount of electronic dance music.

With Confidence

The final supporting act of the night was With Confidence. With Confidence, similar to Stand Atlantic, is another pop punk band from Sydney Australia. 

One of their first songs of the night was “Keeper,” which began the consistent stream of mosh pits and crowd surfing. The lead singers vocals meshed perfectly with the drums and guitars. They also showed their range by slowed things down with their song “Pâquerette (Without Me)” which is about wishing someone well after parting ways, very bittersweet.

Stand Atlantic

As for the headliner band Stand Atlantic, their high-powered music managed to have the audience crowd surfing within the first 30 seconds of their long awaited set. One thing about this band is that they really know how to put on a show. 

They performed a few songs from their newest album f.e.a.r. as well as a few from their previous albums. Not only does their range of genres make this band special, but the fact they’re one of few pop-punk bands with a woman lead.

The bands’ set flowed perfectly, most of their hardcore material was performed at the very beginning of the show including songs such as “dumb (feat. Tom The Mail Man)” and “doomsday”. Towards the end of the show, the crowd was able to take a moment to slow down and wrap their arms around the strangers next to them for the song “Skinny Dipping”. It was a very wholesome show with a great atmosphere.

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