Shinedown’s Planet Zero World Tour stops in Mansfield, MA – September 13, 2022

Earlier this year, rock band Shinedown released their seventh album, Planet Zero. The band returned to Massachusetts for the first time in three years, on the Planet Zero World Tour. Joining them this go around are singers John Harvie and Jelly Roll. 

John Harvie

John Harvie put on a rocking show for the fans who turned out early. Having recently released his debut album, Told Ya., he kicked things off with the song “A Little Bit Longer.” John’s energy got the crowd fired up early, with a sound that gives strong punk-pop vibes. His song “My Name (In Your Mouth)” has been racking up views on YouTube, and the crowd loved it tonight.

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll is one of the most unique performers you will find out there. His music ranges from rock to rap to country and back, without ever missing a beat. Jelly roll reached number one on the active rock chart with the song “Dead Man Walking”, without having a record label behind him. He’s been an entirely independent artist, self-releasing his material thus far.

Opening up with “The Hate Goes On,” Jelly Roll gave a strong performance, and it’s easy to see why he’s been gaining in popularity. As he jumped around genres with his performance, he played “Son of a Sinner,” which has been climbing its way up the modern country music charts.

Last year, he played on a festival that Shinedown was on, and made headlines when he joined the band on stage for their cover of “Simple Man.” Obviously friendships were formed that night, as the band chose to bring him out on tour with them, and Shinedown guitarist, Zack Myers joined Jelly Roll on stage tonight to rap out a verse of the Jay-Z hit “99 Problems.”


Kicking off with “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo,” Shinedown literally took the stage with a blast. The energy felt in the crowd was unmatched throughout their powerful set. Songs, like “Devil,” “Enemies,” “Diamond Eyes,” and “Sound of Madness” had the crowd on their feet and jumping around. Likewise, Shinedown knows how to tug at peoples heartstrings, with ballads, like “Get Up,” “Second Chance,” and the newly released “Daylight.” 

When it came time to play “Simple Man,” Jelly Roll reprised his performance from last year, and joined the band on stage. Hatebreed singer, Jamey Jasta often talks about how important it is for younger artists to get the “cosign“ from an established artist, legitimizing them as a future performer. I’m sure the Shinedown’s recognition of Jelly Roll means a lot to him.

This was the first time that Shinedown has come to Xfinity Center as a solo headliner act. Any previous stop here has been part of a co-headlining tour, such as in 2018 when they played with Godsmack. The band is larger than ever, and selling out arenas, but the venue for this show was probably 2/3 sold at best. A lot of shows that have come through this year have struggled to fill the venue, though. I’d be curious to see what numbers were like in other cities on the tour. Shinedown continues to turn out number one hits, though, so I’m sure they will only fill the venue even more on their next trip through town.

Shinedown is a band that always puts on a show, and they did not disappoint. Not to be content with just bringing some props and stage elements to put on the stage, they actually brought their own entire stage that rested on top of the Xfinity center stage, propping them up an extra 3 feet in the air. From this stage, we saw flames, fireworks, a catwalk that stretched out into the crowd, and even a piano that descended from the ceiling for bass player Eric Bass to play. Shinedown could easily walk out here and entertain the audience on a bare stage with the power of their songs, but they did their best to make sure that the audience got their money’s worth tonight.

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