Two Feet in Boston, MA – October 8, 2022

Two Feet was handcrafted in NYC by Bill Dess, who is the solo member and lead singer. Dess’s voice truly takes you somewhere else. With a voice that is as smooth as satin, yet has a very northern raspy sound simultaneously, you’re in for something unique. Combine that with the electric guitar and heavy drums, this set was intense.

Opening the set with some well known tracks such as “Love Is a Bitch” and “Had Some Drinks” he had his crowd immediately in tune and well energized. Fans fawned over Dess as he continued to follow the tone of his music and created a very intimate atmosphere. The sexual nature of the music’s harder lyrics and sensual beats, it gets people intrigued. His music sounds like seduction feels, it is warm but dark, it is enticing but erratic, and it is very attractive. His music lures the audiences closer and closer through the night, and you can feel the temptation in the room. When music can cultivate an audience like this there is certainly something to be said about its composer’s way with the notes. 

Dess plays with only a drummer and a keyboardist, these three work so well together. Like a well oiled machine. It’s often that the drummer, keys and other cords get lost behind the lead performer, but not with Two Feet. Drummer Matt Swain was so in sync, not only with his drum set but also with his bandmates. All three played that stage together, which is something you do not always see. As drumsticks flew through the air and Geoffrey Hufford’s hands were somehow everywhere all at once on the keys, it was an almost psychedelic experience. Hufford was dancing and making the sounds of the keys feel like they became alive in the room. The crowd moved together with the music, they became a wave of quick moving musical currents in a sea of Two Feet’s voltaic beats. 

Three quarters through their Fall 2022 Tour, they have played for over fifty thousand people. Each leaving with a new favorite music group and an experience that will be hard to forget. Two Feet has thirteen tour dates left, be sure to check out their tour schedule and stream his latest album “Shape and Form” wherever you stream. 

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