Xfinity Center Finishes off the Season with Alice in Chains and Breaking Benjamin – October 8, 2022

Alice In Chains and Breaking Benjamin wrapped up their 2022 American Tour with a bang in Mansfield, with special guests Bush and Plush. The show would also close the concert season at the Xfinity Center, as fans packed the outdoor venue on a chilly Saturday evening.


Starting the night was hard rock band Plush. The all-female group kicked off with great energy, grabbing the audience’s attention right away. Their short set focused on their self titled album, with high octane tracks like “Athena” and “Champion”, but they’d capture the crowd early on with a powerful cover of Heart’s “Barracuda”. The band dominated the stage and left everyone who arrived early curious, looking forward to hearing more. 

Breaking Benjamin

As the evening started to cool down, the crowd was ready for Breaking Benjamin to take over. The band lead by Benjamin Burnley kicked off with “Blow Me Away”, a fitting song for not only the energy they would carry throughout the entire performance, but also the massive displays of pyrotechnics that wowed the audience. There were some quieter moments sprinkled in as well, and one of the highlights was an acoustic cover of Queen’s “Who Wants To Live Forever”, as Burnley’s young son joined the band on stage. Beloved hits “I Will Not Bow” and “The Diary of Jane” would wrap up the explosive performance. 

Alice in Chains

The temperature had dropped to the 30s in the outdoor venue, but fans were still excited as they waited for Alice In Chains to take the stage. The legendary Seattle band started off with the thunderous “Again”, making everyone forget it was now freezing cold. The set was packed with iconic hits from all different eras, but focused heavily on one of the band’s most beloved albums, Dirt. 

William Duvall’s vocals are as powerful as ever, standing out on their own in tracks like “Hollow” and “The One You Know,” as well as paying a fitting tribute to the band’s 90’s catalog. Blending in perfectly in harmony with guitarist Jerry Cantrell, the band sounds modern, yet still gritty and authentic. The crowd was especially excited to hear the softer “No Excuses”, as well as some of their darkest compositions, like “Angry Chair” and “Them Bones”. As usual, Cantrell would dedicate “Nutshell” to “Mike and Layne”, referring to the untimely passing of bassist Mike Starr and lead singer Layne Staley. 

As the gripping “Rooster” came to a close, so did the last show of the tour, as fans walked out emotional and impressed. Alice In Chains’ legacy is as strong as their path ahead, staying true to their sound as they evolve. With the addition of Breaking Benjamin, Bush and Plush, the show attracted multiple generations of fans, old and new, as they experienced one of the most solid rock tours of the year. 

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