Skillet in Boston – February 25, 2023

The Rock Resurrection Tour came to Boston on a chilly Saturday evening. After a powerful set by Saint Asonia, the night rolled on with Christian hard rock band, Skillet.

Kicking off the set with their always powerful opener, “Feel Invincible,” John, Korey, Jen and Seth had the audience in the palm of their hands from the get-go. Skillet has an energy on stage that is unmatched by most bands. Frontman John Cooper gets the audience hyped up and singing along, while his wife, Korey, leaves you wondering how she can actually play guitar while bouncing around as much as she does. Jen’s thunderous drums are matched by the power of her soaring vocals, while Seth treats us with great guitar solos.

Skillet’s set is full of theatrics, from John entering the stage with steam cannons attached to his arms, to Korey and Seth rising up above the stage on platforms. Multiple songs, such as their hit “Comatose,” featured a cello player joining them on stage to play the string parts.

Shortly before this tour began, Skillet released a new version of their track “Finish Line,” off of 2019’s Victorious, with Saint Asonia frontman Adam Gontier making a guest appearance on it. Naturally, with both bands on the bill, Adam made an appearance during Skillet’s set to sing the song with them, delighting audiences with the combination.

Skillet always puts on an entertaining show. As John said when speaking to the crowd, concerts are one of the only places where people put aside all their differences, and come and enjoy a show, without hating each other. From the first to the last note, the audience had a blast.

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