Disturbed returns to the Xfinity Center – August 18, 2023

On a very humid Friday night Disturbed brought their “Take Back Your Life” tour to the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA. They had outstanding opening bands Breaking Benjamin and Jinjer, which made for an excellent night for rock fans.


Jinjer came out strong and opened with “Perennial,” from their 2019 album Macro. The crowd was ready right from the start to hear Tetiana “Tati” Shmailyuk’s vocal range. Jinjer is from the Ukraine, and were ready to give Mansfield, MA everything they’ve got. Tati followed up with “Call Me a Symbol” from their most recent 2021 album, Wallflowers. Next, Jinjer continued with another hit from Wallflowers, “Vortex.” The crowd was very impressed with their energy on stage and they gained a lot of new fans who were seeing them play live for the first time.

Breaking Benjamin

With a curtain covering the stage, Breaking Benjamin opened the night playing “Failure” from their 2015 album Dark Before Dawn. Once the curtain dropped, the crowd erupted hearing Benjamin Burnley’s voice. The Pennsylvania based band continued with “Breath” from the 2006 album Phobia. Next, they continued with another huge hit from Phobia, “Until the End.” Rewind back 7 years ago in 2016 Breaking Benjamin co-headlined a summer amphitheater tour with Disturbed. It is great to see bands that have been around over 20 years continue to tour and support each other.


With over 17 million records sold worldwide, Disturbed started the night playing “Hey You” from their most recent 2022 album Divisive. The crowd was on their feet screaming with excitement for the next song “Stupify” off the 2000 album The Sickness. The lead singer David Draiman’s exceptional vocal range had the nearly sold-out Xfinity Center begging for more. Disturbed continued with “Ten Thousand Fists” from the 2005 album Ten Thousand Fists. During the performance Disturbed used their platform to bring awareness to addiction and depression. This was very impactful when David came down from the stage and asked a fan in the front row why she was crying. She said, “you saved my life.” David immediately responded “you all saved mine.” With so many incredible musicians gone far too soon it put tears in many people’s eyes.

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