Judas Priest Returns to Boston – April 25, 2024

Following the release of their 19th studio album, Invincible Shield, the mighty Judas Priest descended upon Boston. The vibe on Lansdowne Street was electric on this cool Thursday evening, as the band returned to MGM Hall at Fenway, this time with Swedish power metallers Sabaton joining them. 


Kicking off the night with Sabaton, who even if you’ve never seen, you’ll have an idea of what you are in for before the band plays a note. Their drumset sits on top of a literal Army tank at the back of the stage, and the microphone stands are adorned with machine guns and helmets. Sabaton are heavily influenced by historical events and wars; they may be one of the only bands I know to have written catchy song about D-Day.

After eight years away, guitarist Thobbe Englund rejoined the band in the last few months, and frontman Joakim Brodén nade sure to recognize his return during the show. Highlights for me in the show included “To Hell and Back” and “Primo Victoria.” One of the things that is always noticeable with Sabaton is that the band is having fun on stage. They are not a traditional metal band making serious faces all night, these guys are smiling and having fun, and that is reflected in the audience. 

Judas Priest

After the tank is removed from the stage, a curtain rises around the center of the stage, saying quotes including “United we stand, divide we fall”… “As we raise the invincible shield.” The lights go out after “War Pigs” plays over the PA, and the intro to the first track of the album, “Panic Attack,” starts to play. As the song kicks, in the curtain quickly lifts up, revealing all the members of Judas Priest standing around the drum riser.

The band wasted no time getting down to business, with their mega hit “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” being played second, and “Breaking the Law” not long after that. While the band played the obvious hits like those, and songs like “Living After Midnight,” were all played, the band also went deeper into their catalog. More rarely performed tracks like “Love Bites,” and “Saints in Hell” were treats for die hard fans.

The band played two other tracks off of Invincible Shield, the title track, as well as “Crown of Horns.” There are some great tracks on that album, so I’m definitely hoping we get another leg on the Invincible Shield world tour in which the band may rotate in some other songs.

Rob Halford sounded incredible. I’m in my 30s, and will never be able to hit the notes that this man is hitting in his 70s. The twin guitar powers of Richie Faulkner and Andy Sneap were undeniably strong, while bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis held down the low end. The European tour saw guitarist Glenn Tipton felt strong enough to make several appearances in the encore, but sadly his battle with Parkinson’s disease has kept him from showing up at any US shows.

After more than 50 heavy metal years, Judas Priest rolls on strong. Their show is not one to be missed!

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