The Ghost Inside in Worcester, MA – May 3, 2024

The Ghost Inside headlined their Wash It Away Spring ’24 Tour at The Worcester Palladium, with support at the show coming from Great American Ghost, Bleed From Within and Paleface Swiss.

Great American Ghost

Hometown fans packed The Worcester Palladium early to see the local band Great American Ghost. GAG opened with “Kingmaker” followed by “Womb.” Lead singer Ethan Harrison let the crowd know for their next song “Hymn of Decay” there were three video cameras recording footage to make a YouTube video. The mosh pit opened up and a constant flow of crowd surfers made it to the front of the stage. Before ending their set, Great American Ghost made sure to thank The Ghost Inside for bringing them on tour. Harrison said, “The Ghost Inside took us on tour because of energy in the room. Here is f*cking home. We are family!”

Bleed from Within

Traveling all the way from the country Scotland, Bleed from Within consist of Scott Kennedy (vocals), Craig Gowans (guitar), Steven Jones (guitar), Davie Provan (bass), and Ali Richardson (drums). Bleed from Within opened their set with “Sovereign” and “Levitate” from their 2022 album Shrine. For a band that originally covered Lamb of God songs, Bleed from Within had many fans singing along to every original song throughout their set. 

Paleface Swiss

Just like their name suggests, Paleface Swiss was founded in Switzerland and consists of Marc Zelli (vocals), Yannick Lehmann (guitar), Tommy-Lee Abt (bass), and CJ (drums). The deathcore band opened their set with the title track off their 2023 album Please End Me. Paleface Swiss followed with “The Orphan” off their 2022 album Fear & Dagger. The band continued with “Best Before: Death”. During their set, Zelli called for a ‘Wall of Death’ dividing the General Admission Floor right down the middle. He asked the crowd to have some fun with them and the crowd responded with incredible energy. It was pure chaos in the mosh pit.

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside is from El Segundo, California and consists of Jonathan Vigil (vocals), Zach Johnson (guitar), Chris Davis (guitar), Jim Riley (bass), and Andrew Tkaczyk (drums). The Ghost Inside opened their set with “Engine 45” from their 2012 album Get What You Give. After now having the crowd’s full attention, TGI followed up with “Unspoken” from the 2010 album Returners. During their set, Vigil made the crowd aware of what they have been through as a band. In 2015 their tour bus crashed head on with a tractor trailer. As a result of the accident, the bands drummer Andrews Tkaczyk’s injuries resulted in his right leg being amputated. It was amazing to see him on stage with special modifications made to his drum set and be able to perform with his band. The Ghost Inside played all 4 singles off their latest album Searching for Solace. After ending their set with “Aftermath” fans continued to yell for more. Hopefully New England fans will not have to wait long for the return of the bands on this lineup.

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