The Palladium
Worcester, MA
April 11, 2015

The line outside the venue that wrapped around the entire block and once the doors opened and everyone piled in, it was time for the show to begin. There was a various mixture of fans wearing large platform buckled boots, long ripped skirts, spiked leather jackets with Sabaton or Nightwish t-shirts on. As everyone crowded in closer to the stage, before long, Sabaton was ready to tear up the stage.



The overhead music came to a screeching halt and the lights dimmed except for those on the stage, and the crowd roared with excitement. One by one each band member came on the stage, unleashing their energy into the crowd. Not a moment was wasted as they kicked their set off with “Ghost Division,” “To Hell and Back,” and “Soldiers of 3 Armies.” Fans pressed their bodies against the barricade, throwing their horns in the air and waving them to the beat of Sabaton’s incredibly catchy and energetic tunes. The night was young and Sabaton was just beginning

After “Night Witches,” “Carolus Rex,” and “Resist and Bite,” the band had the fans jumping along to the beat, and singing along wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, it all ended when the band finished their set with “Swedish Pagans,” “Uprising,” “Primo Victoria,” and “Metal Crüe.” Sabaton left the fans begging for more and with giant grins plastered on their sweaty faces.

Overall, Sabaton’s energy as well as the fans was through the roof. It was very clear that the band gave their 110% on stage. Be sure to check out Sabaton’s future tour dates, they put on a show you will not want to miss.


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