Worcester Palladium
May 01, 2015

May 1st was the place to be on a Friday night at the Palladium with the incredible synthetic metal bands, DragonForce and Kamelot, kicking the month off the right way. To start the night off was DragonForce.




The lights dimmed and the music came to a screeching halt. The fans cheered loudly as all the members of DragonForce appeared on stage. Not a moment was wasted as they kicked off their set with “Fury of the Storm,” “Three Hammers,” “The Game,” and “Operation Ground and Pound.” The band’s energy washed over the crowd head-banged and waved their horns in the air, some of them singing along whole-heartedly. The band continued with “Symphony of the Night,” “Cry Thunder,” “Valley of the Damned,” ending the night on a killer night with a fantastic cover of Merle Kilgore’s “Ring of Fire,” and “Through the Fire and Flames.” They left the crowd begging for more but the fans knew the night was far from over. Kamelot still had to take over the stage.

Fury of the Storm
Three Hammers
The Game
Operation Ground and Pound
Symphony of the Night
Cry Thunder
Valley of the Damned
Ring of Fire
Through the Fire and Flames


It wasn’t long till Kamelot made their presence known and they immediately kicked their set off with “Rule the World,” “Ghost Opera,” “The Great Pandemonium,” “Veil of Elysium,” and “Center of the Universe.” Their energetic vibe combined with the fans’ was through the roof; it brought the night to a whole new level in an indescribable way. After “Song for Jolee,” “Karma,” and a fantastic drum solo by Casey Grillo, they continued their set with “Revolution,” “Torn,” “Insomnia, “ and “When the Lights are Down.” Immediately following “Veritas” and a keyboard solo by Oliver Palotai, they finished their encore with “Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife),” and “March of Mephisto.” They truly ended the night on a great note.



Rule the World
Ghost Opera
The Great Pandemonium
Veil of Elysium
Center of the Universe
Song for Jolee
Drum Solo
When the Lights are Down
Keyboard Solo

Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)
March of Mephisto

All in all, both bands did an incredible job. Be sure to check to see if the bands are coming to a city near you. They put on shows you do not want to miss!

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