Amon Amarth Releases New Song: “Put Your Back into the Oar”

Amon Amarth, legendary viking metal band from Sweden, has released a new single today, titled “Put Your Back into the Oar.” When they return to the stage, this song is sure to have audiences chanting “ROW!” as the band performs. Check out the video below, after a statement from the band.

“We’ve been quiet over the last 2 years, but we’ve been at home in Sweden hard at work behind the scenes. Much has been said about fans coming to our shows to have fun and doing the “epic Viking row”. Well we thought it was a good idea to write a song about it! This one is for you, the fans, wherever you are – and may Odin guide you as you row to your destiny in uncharted seas! Enjoy the song and video while we continue to work on a new album. We can’t wait to see all you heathens soon.”

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