Amon Amarth at MGM Music Hall – November 23, 2022

Vikings, sword fights, and monsters… No, it’s not the latest episode of Game of Thrones, but the mighty Amon Amarth returning to Boston! Joining them on this night-before-Thanksgiving performance is one of the most impressive large-scale tours celebrating heavy extreme music, with Carcass, Obituary, and Cattle Decapitation.


Obituary were pioneers in the death metal movement, and it was easy to see why. While they have a new album, Dying of Everything, on the horizon, they stuck to fan favorites like “Redneck Stomp” and “I’m in Pain,” getting the crowd fired up for the rest of the show.


This lineup did not shy away from bringing in significant bands from their genres, as Carcass were forefathers of grindcore and melodic death metal. Given Amon Amarth’s sound, I’m sure Carcass were a big influence on them, and it must have been a thrill to have them open. Their set consisted of a few songs off their 2021 album, Torn Arteries, as well as old school tracks like “Genital Grinder,” and everything in between, delighting fans old and new.

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth was the second band we ever covered here on The Entertainment Outlet, back in 2011. At the time, they were playing across town at The Paradise, a 900 capacity venue. Now, 11 years later, they’re headlining at a brand new 5,000 capacity venue. Their rise in popularity has been outstanding, becoming one of the most successful melodic death metal bands of all time.

The band held no punches tonight, right off the bat tearing into “Guardians of Asgard.” Fan favorites from all eras of their career, like the catchy “Twilight of the Thunder God,” “Pursuit of Vikings” or “Raise Your Horns.” They’re touring in support of their new album, The Great Heathen Army, so we got a couple of tracks off of that, as well. Shortly before that album came out, they released a special track for all Amon Amarth fans, “Put Your Back into the Oar.” This song was written with fan reaction in mind, with a middle section designed for the audience to sit on the ground, and chant “ROW!”, as they literally put their backs into the oar.

As if the spectacle of 5,000 fans rowing in unison wasn’t enough, Amon Amarth’s stage show has only grown more impressive each time they head out. A drum riser shaped like a Viking helmet is first surrounded by massive Viking statues. Throughout the night, these statues would disappear, and be replaced by large viking ships, or during the climax of the show, a massive serpent. Viking warriors would battle with swords and shields on stage, or the mischievous Loki would come out and taunt the band and the crowd.

There really is nothing like an Amon Amarth show, and I’m excited to see what they bring us next!

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