Jerry Cantrell at Big Night Live, Boston, MA – April 6, 2022

Jerry Cantrell, who you may know him as the guitarist and co-vocalist in Alice in Chains, visited Big Night Live in Boston. Up and coming artist Lola Colette opened the night with her folk/pop style. Hailing from LA she has an EP on the horizon titled Flower in Bloom. Her set started slow but then picked up the tempo toward the end. Her vocals were reminiscent of Fiona Apple and early Tori Amos. She plays the piano and is classically trained, and had a good pop sensibility. 

The crowd was ready for Cantrell and his band. They opened the night with a classic Alice in Chains song, “Them Bones,” and continued on with a Jerry Cantrell solo song, “Psychotic Break,” from his 2nd solo record, 2002’s Degradation Trip. Singing along with Cantrell was Greg Puciato, who was the singer for the now defunct metalcore band The Dillinger Escape Plan. His vocals work so well and flawlessly harmonize with Jerry Cantrell.

The band rocked through many classic AiC songs like, “Man in the Box,” “Would?” and “Rooster.” The set also included a song you may not have expected a tease of The Knack’s “My Sharona.” He also brought Lola Colette back out to perform “Black Hearts and Evil Done” which is on Cantrell’s latest album, last year’s Brighten. He closed the night with Elton John’s song “Goodbye,” a very fitting song to send a set. All in all, a great show by a legend in the grunge music scene and beyond. 

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