The Darkness at Royale Boston – April 24, 2022

British band The Darkness rocked Boston last Sunday night, on the final stop of their Motorheart Tour. With their distinct brand of modern glam rock, the band attracted fans of all ages, some dressed for the occasion in animal print, hats and faux fur coats. Greeted by the band’s giant logo on the stage, fans were certainly ready for a good time.

The Dead Deads

Nashville-based punk rock band The Dead Deads kicked things off with a short but high energy set. Both inviting and defiant, the band won over the crowd with tracks like “Deal With Me” and “In For Blood”. Sporting their signature X’s over their eyes, The Dead Deads’ sound is irreverent and contagious, the best way to kickstart a rock and roll show.

The Darkness

The Darkness would take over shortly after, starting off with “Welcome Tae Glasgae”, a track off their newest album Motorheart. Lead singer Justin Hawkins is on a league of his own as a performer: dancing, jumping, doing handstands, all while hitting all the high notes fans are accustomed to. Hawkins even spotted an 11 year old fan right on the barricade on one of his many interactions with the crowd. 

The show was a seamless blend of new tracks and classics off their debut album, Permission To Land. From “Motorheart” to “Love Is Only A Feeling,” the evening was a non-stop rock and roll party. The encore would be mega hit “I Believe In A Thing Called Love,” but the Boston crowd would be treated to one last song to perfectly wrap up the tour, “Love on the Rocks With No Ice.” After jumping on guitar tech Ian Norfolk’s shoulders, Hawkins went around the crowd playing guitar as fans went wild. 

Justin Hawkins jokingly asked the crowd if they would return to see The Darkness regardless of what they look like, and the answer is an obvious yes. The performance is so fun it makes you want to come back over and over, like a good rollercoaster ride. With the tour over, make sure to check out the new album Motorheart until next time.

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